The Rector Welcomes New Students

George M. KondakisDear Students

We are very pleased to welcome you to an Academic Institution distinguished both in Greece and internationally, and we believe that you will soon feel proud of being a member of the University. In a recent evaluation the University of Crete was ranked first among Greek Universities and also placed   120th in the world in terms of the impact of research being done here.

Our goal is to provide you with the multifaceted, high level education which will meet your expectations not only in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills, but also in opening  your future professional  horizons.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted University life.  We have, however, held fast to our educational goals and created the conditions for safe education and training environments that comply with all the necessary protection measures. All Schools (Faculties and University departments) have developed the appropriate educational "tools" and infrastructure for effective distance learning as it is very likely that the interaction and benefits provided by the face-to-face learning process, under normal circumstances, will not be fully available in the near future.  

I wish you on behalf of the Academic Community good progress in your studies, with safety and health, and I hope that your new course in the paths of knowledge at our University will be a milestone in your future career.

The Rector,

George M. Kontakis


Centre of Teaching and Learning Training of the Trainers (TOTT) (79)