The Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center (SCC) at the University of Crete, which was established in 2003, operates independently to the university departments.

The professional staff at SCC, which includes psychologists, sociologists and social workers, offers students the opportunity to discuss personal concerns in a confidential and respectful context {General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679}.

The SCC provides free services to undergraduate and postgraduate students of both campuses (Heraklion and Rethymnon).  The services include:

  • Personal and group psychological support and counselling

Personal psychological support and counselling is offered on a short -term basis of 10 sessions.

The personal counseling service provides students with professional help for emotional and interpersonal problems, such as difficulties adjusting to university life, anxiety, depression, loneliness, eating problems (e.g. bulimia), bereavement, interpersonal relationships (e.g. breaking up), exams stress, social phobia, and others.

 If, after the initial sessions, the counsellor identifies a problem that should be dealt better in another professional setting outside the SCC, then he or she will provide the relevant information.

For more information and/or appointments, students must contact by e-mail ( for Heraklion, for Rethymnon), or by calling 2810 394886 for Heraklion, and 28310 77979 for Rethymnon (tel. hours from Monday to Friday 9.00-14.00). Please visit our website for more information:

Group support is offered by SCC and involves workshops on specific topics such as overcoming anxiety, study skills, exam stress. They are announced each semester at the university and departmental sites. Pre-registration is necessary.

  • Support to students with special educational needs

All students with a  permanent or temporal difficulty  (diagnosed by a certified professional or Institution) that can affect their ability to fully participate in education, such as dyslexia, ADHD, physical or mental health problems, can contact the SCC and apply for special educational adjustments. The SCC staff collect all relevant information and conduct interview with the students in order to decide on the most appropriate and reasonable solutions, such as changes in duration and place of exams or use of braille books or digital technology for lectures, etc. The proposed adjustments are sent to the department for the final decision.

For more information and/or appointments, students may contact by e-mail ( for Heraklion, and for Rethymnon) or by calling 2810 394880 for Heraklion, and 28310 77979 for Rethymnon (tel. hours from Monday to Friday 9.00-14.00).


The Student Counseling Center is not an emergency office. For emergencies, the students can call the city hospitals:

  • Venizelion General Hospital Heraklion: 2810-368 000, 2813-408 000
  • University General Hospital Heraklion - ΠΑΓΝΗ: 2813 402 111, 2810 392 100
  • Rethimnon General Hospital: 28313 42100
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