Access-Students with Special Needs

  Ramps, lifts and accessible toilets are available for all the university departments and facilities, including the libraries, restaurants, student societies and sports facilities.  


Reports of damages &/or complaints about access facilities: contact the Secretary of your Department  &/or the Office of Student Affairs or directly to the Technical Services  offices on your campus



Support Services for Students with Special Needs



Student Counselling Service


Students with special needs must contact the Student Counselling Service for assistance and advice by e-mail &/or by direct personal contact with


Ariana Arhondaki 

tel: 2810-394880 e-mail:         &

Pepi Lygeroydi

tel: 2810-393653 e-mail:


Support services offered include

  • Mediation/representations  with the academic departments for special  arrangements
  • Cooperation with the University administration on matters concerning the student’s special needs
  •  Personal communications with members of the academic community

Special arrangements can include:

  • Alternative arrangements for examinations/evaluation (e.g. multiple choice, continuous assessment instead of a single final exam; oral examination; mixed written and oral evaluation)
  • Alternative times &/or durations of examination/evaluation
  • Alternative examination periods
  • Customized educational materials (e.g. digital format, enlarged text, Braille)
  • Preparation time (e.g. 10-15 minute preview for familiarity with the subjects before an exam)
  • Use of support devices (e.g. tablet, pc) by lecturers  during class presentations /lectures
  • Use of supportive technologies by students during lectures and exams
  • Conducting courses and examinations in accessible areas


 The Student Counselling Service also coordinates, trains, and guides student volunteers as ‘study buddies’/’study assistants’


For more information see the Student Counseling Service site (en/ελ)



The University Library


For "printed-disabled" users, i.e. students and staff with visual impairments and/or with disabilities that mean they are unable to read a printed text in a conventional way, the Library offers the following facilities


a) Two workstations with full Internet access and support equipment for users with visual impairments and also for users with mobility problems in the upper extremities, including  display unit allowing tactile access to Braille text &/or Braille printers; Voice composer Innoetics TTS Readers and screen readers.


b) Use of the Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library (AMELib).   

AMELib was created in the framework of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (SEAB) and is addressed primarily to the users of the Greek academic libraries. The content of AMELib is continually enriched through the addition of titles by publishers and other entities.   Print disabled users can request additional academic publications in an accessible electronic form that can then be accessed through the AMELib.


For access to the workstations and user registration at AMELib  e-mail  or contact by telephone:

Gallos Campus, Rethymnon: 28310 77844

Voutes Campus, Heraklion: 2810 393235




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