Modern Greek Language Courses at the University of Crete

Modern Greek Language Courses at the University of Crete

The University of Crete offers Modern Greek language courses throughout the year: 

The fall and spring semester courses are intended mainly for the incoming students of the University under the Erasmus programme, and academic visitors. In Rethymno campus, Greek language courses are also open (upon availability) to everyone who wishes to learn the language.

The aim of the courses is twofold. Firstly, to improve the students’ language skills and enable them use Modern Greek successfully in a wide range of contexts. Secondly, to familiarize them with the Greek culture and help them operate in a multicultural academic environment. 

b) The Modern Greek summer courses gather people from around the world, who wish to learn the language within its cultural context. The courses are particularly popular among members of the Greek communities abroad, especially young ones, who wish to strengthen their ties with Greece.

The Modern Greek Language Courses are held in Rethymno (offered by the Faculty of Philosophy for fall and spring semesters, and by the Department of Philology/Laboratory of Linguistics for the summer period) and in Heraklion (coordinated by the International Relations Department through Erasmus+). The Modern Greek summer course is only available in Rethymno campus.

Information and Contact Details:

For Rethymno: 

For Heraklion:

The courses are structured in three levels:

Beginner (A1-A2)

The Beginner Level is intended for students with little or no previous knowledge of Modern Greek, introducing them to the language within its cultural context. The course is mainly communicative, encouraging oral interaction in everyday situations. At the same time, it highlights the fundamentals of the Modern Greek grammar (grammar points explained in English). Students are introduced to aspects of the Greek culture on several occasions. By the end of the course, students will be able to communicate successfully at a basic level.

Intermediate (B1-B2)

The Intermediate Level is intended for students with knowledge of Modern Greek at a basic level, aiming to develop further their speaking and writing skills. The course explores a wide range of cultural-communicative settings as well as a variety of text types on several topics. Students are constantly encouraged to get involved in the process of learning (writing projects, role playing based on relevant scenarios). By the end of the course students are expected to have achieved communicative adequacy.

Advanced (C1-C2)

The Advanced Level is intended for students who have achieved communicative adequacy, aiming to bring their skills to the level of proficiency. On the basis of a variety of mostly authentic texts and settings as well as a wide range of in-class activities students become aware of the differences among formal and informal style and have the opportunity to advance their vocabulary and grammar skills. By the end of the course students are expected to act as proficient users of the language and to interact accordingly in any given situation.
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