In Greece undergraduate students in all Universities are admitted on the basis of their performance at national level entrance examinations (‘Pan-Hellenic’ exams).  These examinations are administered by the Ministry of Education and currently held once a year.

Successful admission to a higher education institution is determined through the combination of a) the candidate’s exam scores b) the candidate’s choices (by order of preference) of desired degree courses and academic institutions, and c) the number of places available in each academic department.

The application and selection procedures for candidates to all undergraduate University programs in Greece are made centrally, through the Ministry of Education, and the number of students for each University and Department is also determined each year by the Ministry of Education.


International Students

International students wishing to study for an undergraduate degree in Greece should start by choosing a course and an institution. Applications are then made in July of each year through the Ministry of Education

Applications and admissions procedures differ for (a) candidates of Greek descent and (b) for EU and non-EU students where neither they nor their parents are of Greek nationality or citizenship.


Candidates of Greek Descent

The Ministry of Education website provides detailed information about the special admission procedures which apply for candidates of Greek descent (in Greek).  Check this site for relevant announcements, guidelines, and application forms (Μηχανογραφικό). 


Nationals of EU- and non-EU countries

The Ministry of Education website provides detailed information about the application requirements for nationals of EU- and non-EU countries. Check this site for the latest announcements, guidelines, and application forms. 


Note: The language of instruction for undergraduate courses is Greek.

International candidates who have not graduated from a Greek or Cypriot high school (Lykeio) must have a certificate of proficiency in the Greek language before enrolling in the selected School or Department. 


Certification of Greek Language

Examinations for the Greek language certificate are held twice a year around May and September in ATHENS, at the Modern Greek Language Centre of the University of Athens, and also in June and October in THESSALONIKI, at the School of Modern Greek Language of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  Alternatively, the candidate should hold a 3rd level or higher-level certificate issued by the Greek Language Centre.

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