Fees, Funding & Finance


In Greek public universities there are no tuition fees for Greek and EU nationals enrolled in undergraduate programs. However, most Universities now charge fees for some of their taught graduate programmes.

At the University of Crete there are currently NO tuition or bench fees for any registered undergraduate student.

To date, 11 of the 52 Postgraduate Study Programmes  organized &/or coordinated by the University leading to Master Degrees have tuition and/or bench fees.  Check the sites of Master programmes for fee status in the current year.

There are no tuition fees for PhD students.


Cost of Living


It is estimated that, on average, a Greek student spends a minimum of between 600-725 Euros per month for private accommodation, utilities, food, transport and other expenses.

As a rough guide, a breakdown of estimated costs is given in the official Study in Greece portal

In terms of accommodation in Crete, planning is underway for the construction of student halls of residence at both the Gallos Campus in Rethymnon and the Voutes Campus in Heraklion.   Currently, however, there are only a limited number of University student residence places in the Gallos Campus (gallos.housing@uoc.gr).

As the University cannot guarantee accommodation, it is advised that students accepted to study here arrive before the start of the academic year to find a suitable apartment in the private sector.

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