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UoC Research Fund Management

Research funds are managed through a grants office known as the Special Account for Research Funds (ELKE), established and run according to Ministerial regulations common to all HEIs in Greece. Grant fund management and associated policy are overseen by the University’s and administered by the Financial & Administrative Support Unit. This Unit, with the support of legal services, manages the contractual, procedural, administrative, financial accounting, and employment aspects of grant management in collaboration with the projects’ Principal Investigators.

Information (in Greek) on open calls, current projects, management guides and related issues is available through the Special Account for Research website

University of Crete Research Centre for the Humanities, the Social & Educational Sciences (UCRC)

The UCRC is an autonomous interdisciplinary research unit supervised by the UoC Senate. The Centre promotes research in the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Pedagogics and supports synergies and collaborations. The UCRC Research Support Unit and website provide information and guidelines on national and international funding opportunities, and also on proposal preparation and submission. Its events, seminars and conferences focus both on high-priority research topics and best research practices.

Technology Transfer

The University’s Research Management Committee has recently established a Technology Transfer Office, to promote and support the development of innovative research by the University’s researchers and students that has promise as knowledge-based products and services. This includes advice and support on management of intellectual property, partnerships, and seed funding.

For information contact: Anna Doxastaki, tel. 2810 39.3157, e-mail

& Manolis Vergetakis, tel. 2810 39.3160, e-mail

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The University is part of the EURAXESS Service Network and aims to provide international researchers visiting or planning to work at our University practical, customized information, assistance and advice on living and working here. Customized advisory support is also available to outgoing researchers.

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