The University’s Research Management Committee has recently established a Technology Transfer Office to promote and support the development of innovative research by the University’s researchers and students that has promise as knowledge-based products and services.  This includes advice and support on management of intellectual property, partnerships, and seed funding.  The TTO is organizing seminars, workshops, and networking events to inform students and research staff on the pathways to realizing the socio-economic benefits of IP assets.

In accordance with the University regulations on the management and exploitation of intellectual property arising from UoC research activity, the TTO coordinates with the University’s Property Development and Management Company to develop IP with commercial potential.   The Property Development and Management Company currently participates in a number of spin-off companies including Bionature E.A. Limited, Gnosis Data Analysis ΙΚΕ, and Σύγχρονα Αμφιαράεια.



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