University of Crete Researcher Awards

As part of the University’s HRS4R commitment to promote an environment which fosters research and research training, two series of annual Research Awards have been instituted: (1) for young researchers and (2) for academic staff (Senate 312/21.03.2013).

1) The Young Researcher’s Award is for postgraduate students who have made a significant contribution (e.g. publication) to research in their discipline.  The award carries a cash prize of €5.000 and an honorary diploma.  The award is open to all registered PhD students, as well as young researchers who have completed their postgraduate studies at the University within 12 months prior to the annual call for nominations.

2) The Honorary Research Award recognizes a member of the academic staff who has enhanced the reputation of the University through a particularly successful research achievement in his/her discipline.  This can be e.g. a single piece of work, a prestigious publication, or major project grant. The award is open to all faculty members   and post-doctoral researchers. 

Nominations can be made by any current member of the University, including postgraduate students, and including self-nominations.   Nominations are to include a short statement on the contribution considered to merit the respective award,  a short CV and, in the case  of the Young Researcher’s Award, a letter of recommendation from his/her supervisor. 

The Evaluation Committee is usually chaired by the Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs. Initially the Committee comprised   the external members of the University Council. In 2016-17, pending a new law affecting University governance which proposed dissolution of University Councils,  the Evaluation Committee was reconstituted with the approval of the University Senate to comprise members of the University’s Research Evaluation Committee as well as external members of the University Council still in post. As before, the Committee may call on other national or international external reviewers for the evaluation process. 

If no nominations are considered suitable, the award will be deferred to the following year.  In the event that two candidates are considered to merit the respective award, the award will be issued jointly and, in the case of the Young Researcher’s Award, the cash prize equally divided. 

The call for nominations is scheduled for April of each year. The results, including the criteria used by the Evaluation Committee to select the winners, will be published following the announcement in June-July.  The awards ceremony will take place annually in July and on alternative years in conjunction with the ceremony for the Stelios Pichorides Award for Excellence in Academic Teaching.


2013 Young Researcher's Award

2014 Young Researcher's Award

2015 Young Researcher’s Award

2016 Young Researcher's Award