Academic Visitors

The University of Crete welcomes Academic Visitors from other higher education institutions and research centres in Greece and around the world. Academic Visitors come to the University at the invitation of a department, school, faculty or research unit, for educational (teaching/learning) and research purposes. The University appreciates that Academic Visitors can contribute to internationalization on campus as well as enhancing the quality of the University’s work.

University regulations (Senate 400/17-01-2019) recognize the status of Academic Visitors and set out and safeguard his /her rights and obligations for the duration of his/her visit at the University.



An academic visitor is defined as a faculty member or researcher associated with another University or Research Institution who visits the University to collaborate for a specific period with an academic department, research team or faculty member of the University of Crete.



  • - Academic Visitors come to the University at the invitation of a School, department, faculty member or research unit, with the formal approval of the Dean or the President of the Department.
  • - Academic Visitors who are hosted at the University of Crete for more than 10 days should be registered with the Secretariat of the Academic Department with which they collaborate and should receive a Visitor’s ID.
  • - Entries in the Academic Visitors Register include the details of the academic visitor, data on the institution s/he comes from, the purpose of the visit, the type of cooperation as well as the details of the member of the University of Crete who has made the invitation.



The academic department /host unit is responsible for

-  providing the Academic Visitor with information on any issues concerning entry procedures in the country and administrative procedures concerning his/her  stay at University of Crete

-  providing appropriate work, guidance or supervision;

-  providing all necessary equipment and/or materials and resources;

-  at the end of the Visit, providing the Academic Visitor with any required evaluation letter or report.


The Academic visitor, on presenting his/her Academic Visitor ID, may have access for the duration of his/her visit to the University’s library services and e-services and, wherever possible, suitable work space.


Academic Visitor Obligations

  • - The Academic Visitor throughout his/her  stay at the University of Crete must comply with national law and with the University’s internal regulations, notably those  concerning academic behavior, integrity and  intellectual property, as set out in the University’s Code of Research Ethics, as well as health and safety rules.
  • - Unless otherwise specified, the Academic Visitor and / or the institution to which s/he belongs is responsible for covering the travel, medical and accommodation expenses associated with his/her  visit to the University of Crete.


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