Medical Care

Students registered at the University of Crete (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) are entitled to full medical and pharmaceutical care in a public hospital and in Health Centres of the prefectures. This applies also to uninsured students. The public hospitals in Heraklion are (a) the University General Hospital of Heraklion (ΠΑΓΝΗ), adjoining the University Voutes Campus, and (b) the Venizelio General Hospital located in town. The General Hospital of Rethymnon is located in the town centre.

On the Gallos Campus, Rethymnon, there is also a General Practice clinic for students, run by volunteers, which offers some basic health care advice and first aid (located in the same building as the student restaurant). 


Staff at the University have access to the University’s Occupational Medical Officer free of charge.  

  • For appointments at the Gallos Campus in Rethymnon contact Sofia Nikolakaki or contact the doctor’s office [tel. 28310-77980]
  • For appointments at the Voutes Campus in Heraklion contact Katerina Tsalimi / tel. 2810 393200


Visiting Staff & Students

If you are a citizen of an EU country, you are advised to bring with you your European Health Insurance Card, which entitles you to medical and pharmaceutical care in a public hospital in Greece.  You can apply through your Home University or directly through your national health insurance provider. If you are not eligible for the EHIC, we suggest that you ask for advice at your Home University International Office, about health and insurance coverage during your period abroad. You can also contact the University of Crete International Office for advice.

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