Currently there are only a limited number of (free) student residence places in the Gallos Campus, Rethymnon. In Heraklion, there are no student dormitories. Instead, there are a limited number of free places (double rooms) offered in hotels selected by the University. The available free accommodation in both Rethymnon and Heraklion is allocated according to a points system based on economic and social criteria of the student's family. Students must apply for these places at the beginning of each academic year through the Office of Student Affairs.

During the summer, student dormitory accommodation in Rethymnon can be provided at a very low cost to students and researchers visiting the University’s Gallos Campus for summer schools, conferences, research collaborations. Requests should be made in advance in order to check availability (gallos.housing@uoc.gr).

As the University cannot guarantee accommodation, it is advised that students accepted to study here arrive before the start of the academic year to find a suitable apartment in the private sector.

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