University of Crete member of the European University INGENIUM

The European Commission (EC) announced the results of the Erasmus+ 2022 Call for European Universities on 27th July, adding four new alliances to the 40 existing European Universities. University of Crete is a member of one of these new European Universities, the «INGENIUM» alliance, which was selected to receive a budget of up to €14.4 million for the next four years.

The INGENIUM Alliance, led by the University of Oviedo, comprises 10 universities spanning the continent, as shown in the map below. The Alliance is supported by a large group of associated organisations, which in Crete includes the Regional Authority, the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce, the Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas (FORTH), and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR).

The Alliance reflects the heterogeneity of European higher education, being diverse in setting, cultural background, organisation and institutional profiles. This diversity is seen as a strength in developing complementary research and educational actions for an integrated "European University" encompassing 10 campuses across Europe, enhancing the opportunities open to the Alliance’s 172,000 students and 9200 scientific staff. The ambition of the Alliance is to develop synergies which will promote cutting edge and interdisciplinary research and academic collaborations, and to develop innovative digital pedagogies and technologies. Pedagogical innovation, entrepreneurship, inclusiveness and sustainability will be key areas of activity.

University of Crete is undertaking, among other things, the implementation and coordination of the unified digital space of the INGENIUM European University. This involves all the Alliance partners in pooling capabilities so as to make the best possible use of potential to ‘level-up’ digital capacities, and to meet the Alliance commitment to strategies to address digital poverty and fair access to INGENIUM educational opportunities and experiences.



Partners Map

Together as a consortium, universities will work to pursue the common vision of what European higher education should be in terms of teaching methodology, interdisciplinarity, research and commitment to social development. The alliance of «INGENIUM» is firmly committed to build a new model of university education, where a wide-range of international opportunities for students, researchers, staff and regional stakeholders will be offered.

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