The Origins of Civilizations: A Cretan Perspective

Celebrating the first year of activities of the Center of Greek and Chinese Civilizations (KELKIP), the University of Crete (in Collaboration with the Institute for Mediterranean Studies and Soutwest University of China, and KELKIP) organized its first Winter School on «The Origins of Civilizations: The Cretan Perspective» (February 18-27). Ten students of the humanities who travelled from China, accompanied by the Secretary of the Chinese KELKIP, Professor Wang Yong, attended a series of lectures on the various civilizations that emerged or have been evidenced on the island of Crete as well as on early Greek philosophical ideas on the origins of civilization, including Plato’s reflections on an ideal Cretan city-state. Moreover, a series of field-trips gave the students the opportunity to visit major archaeological museums and sites and to acquaint themselves with traditional practices of pottery and livestock. The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Qian, honored the program with a visit to the University Campus of Gallou, at Rethymno.

Centre of Teaching and Learning Training of the Trainers (TOTT) (79)