Guidelines for the beginning of the Winter Semester 2021-2022, by the Rector's office

Dear students,

We would like to inform you about all necessary measures for a safe return to class.

1.    For all educational procedures carried out with physical presence in all Greek HEIs, students are allowed to participate only if they meet one of the following conditions:

a) if they are fully vaccinated against Covid 19, at least fourteen (14) days before class

b) if they have received only one dose, at least fourteen (14) days before class and have been infected with COVID-19

c) if they have been infected and a period of more than twenty (20) days and less than six (6) months from the day the diagnosis was made

d) if they have a certified negative laboratory result of either PCR or rapid test.

The laboratory test has to be performed twice a week and up to forty-eight hours before any given Tuesday and Friday.


2.    Students who attend classes in person, are required to have a hard copy of any of the certificates mentioned above, as well as proof of their ID (student ID, national ID or passport). They must place the document on their desk, during their stay in lecture halls, seminar rooms etc.

3.    The use of a protective mask (surgical or fabric, with the appropriate specifications) is mandatory for everyone: a) in all lecture halls, seminar rooms etc. b) inside all University premises, common areas of student dormitories, and c) in all crowded outdoor areas of HEIs.

4.    If a student has Covid 19 symptoms, they have to inform Professors or supervisors of the course/s they have attended immediately, as well as their International Relations Dept. contact person ( in order for the incident to be evaluated, according to protocols.

5. Students must follow all personal hygiene measures and are strongly advised to have an alcoholic solution for disinfecting their hands.

6. To avoid overcrowding, students are advised to arrive at the University at least 15'- 30' prior to the beginning of class.

7. After the end of each course, students need to leave the classroom immediately. All rooms will remain empty for at least half an hour, in between classes.

8. Crowds should be avoided in all University premises.

Centre of Teaching and Learning Training of the Trainers (TOTT) (79)