Gender Equality and Diversity Policy

Gender Equality and Diversity Policy

Promoting gender equality and diversity is a priority for the University of Crete, as stated in its policy and mission. This includes, amongst other goals, ensuring that all people -regardless of gender, social background, physical condition and socioeconomic status- have equal rights to participate in academic life, integrating the objectives into and implementing equality indicators within the University management, incorporating these values into its institutional regulations and increasing awareness of gender equality and diversity in all members of the university and the local community.

The University of Crete, respecting its democratic principles and acknowledging the major importance of developing policies for gender diversity and equality, formed the Gender Equality Committee in June 2020, as an advisory body to the University Senate and the Administrations of the Faculties and Departments. The goals of the Committee are to promote gender equality throughout education, research and administration procedures to contribute to the prevention and/or confrontation of gender discrimination and sexism as well as to provide mediation and accountability services in cases of discrimination; to organize events in order to raise awareness about discrimination and gender competence; to promote the inclusion of the gender perspective in education and research, and to systematically collect and analyze data related to gender equality and diversion in the academic community.

The University of Crete will continue to develop and implement programs aimed at equality and diversity-related areas with potential for improvement, identified by the ongoing data analysis process.

For more information please visit the official website of the Gender Equality Commitee of the University of Crete.


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