Transcendent Technologies

Transcendent Technologies

University of Southern California + University of Crete


This summer course taught in Heraklion (Island of Crete, Greece) is acollaboration between the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Crete (UoC).

The rapid evolution of technology combined with the constant need for validated interventions in the fields of human health and development requires intimate collaborations between arts, science, and the humanities. The ultimate goal for this course is not the development of new technologies but the investigation of interventions that can reduce unnecessary physical and mental suffering (“ataraxia”). Guided by this philosophical principle rooted in Epicurean philosophy, the course will demonstrate how successful creation, curation, implementation, and evaluation of a “transcendent technology” can provide an experience of high “eudaimonic” value for creators, patients, and health professionals. We will explore theories, methods, and applications in relation to the workshop/practicum theme. All disciplines are welcomed to participate.

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