University Societies

The University has Student Centres in both Rethymnon and Heraklion which provide space and support for the myriad activities of the Student Societies. 

In Rethymnon, the University Student Centre in the heart of the town and provides a base for the following student societies:


-   The Cinema Club

-   The Cinematic Society (film production)

-   The Photography Society

-   Road to the East’ – Mediterranean and the Middle East cultural Society

-   The Anti-Racist Group

-   The Music Society

-   The Theatre Group “Stage and Soap

-   The Painting ‘P-Art-Y’ Society


Venues at the University Gallos Campus as well as venues in the town are used for the musical and theatrical productions as well as exhibitions and other activities of the student societies.


In Heraklion the Student Centre is located in new buildings in the Voutes campus, where students have access to a variety of spaces for society activities including a fully-equipped theatre.   The student societies operating from here include:

-   The Astronomy Society

-   The Art Society

-   The Theatre Group

-   The Cinema Society

-   The Literature Society

-   The Music Society

-   The Photography Society

-   The Dance Society


There is also a student run Radio Station, and many other groups and societies.

For more information see the Student Centre’s site and contact the Centre’s Coordinator:

Ioanna Liodaki

Tel: +30 2810 394883

Fax: + 30 2810 394884


Last update 23/09/2019