The Library

The University Library is considered a pioneer among Greek academic libraries in the development and exploitation of new information technologies and documentation networking services. The modern purpose built central library in Rethymnon and campus libraries in Heraklion have one of the largest collections in Greece of printed academic titles and journals, including an important collection of rare books on Greek history and civilization, as well as digital information sources (e-journals, databases, and other materials in digital format). 


Visit the Library website for a virtual tour introducing you to the collections and information services available.


Then check the Library website for information on

-          how to get a library card (membership is open to visitors and the public),

-          the opening hours of the main library and the branch libraries

-           the open access collections of printed, electronic and digital items,

-          how to view the restricted access collections of rare and valuable books,

-          the work of the Preservation laboratory in treasuring rare  old manuscripts

-          the bibliographic databases, the institutional repository of theses,

-          how the inter-library loan services work

-          the services on offer through the European Documentation Centre hosted in the Library

-          and much more



Last update: 6th August 2012


Last update 07/08/2012