Education is arguably the only weapon we can give the next generation to address challenges. We therefore consider quality education to be not a privilege but a right for our students. Moreover, we see public universities and the broad and egalitarian education they provide as the life line of our country.”    


HQAA External Evaluation Report (Biology) 2010


Education through teaching and research is central to the University’s mission. This is a dynamic process which involves the integration of new knowledge generated through basic and applied research for enriching teaching and developing curriculum. 


Excellence in teaching is a complex aspiration:


“The concept of excellence in academic teaching goes beyond the capacity for clear, comprehensible, interesting teaching while in class. It encompasses all the activities that open new scientific horizons for the student, provide inspiration and guidance through research, impart a sense of scientific values and inspire a quest for truth”

V. Xanthopoulos - St. Pnevmatikos Award Secretariat, FORTH


The University aims for quality education and aspires to excellence in teaching in the degree programs offered at all levels:


  • Bachelors (B.A, B.Ed,  B.Sc, MD)
  • Masters (MA, MSc) 
  • Doctoral (PhD)


Each of the University’s Departments offers an undergraduate programme with a wide range of core and elective courses leading to specializations within each discipline. Bachelor degrees involve 4 years of study, and the Medical Degree follows a 6-year programme. Postgraduate studies and research training benefits from inter-disciplinary collaborations between Departments, with the Research Institutes of FORTH, and with other national and international partner institutions. The University currently offers 36 Masters Programs, as well as doctoral education in all fields.


These pages are designed to give you an overview of the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs and other educational opportunities offered by the University, to direct you to the relevant course guides and specific programme information, and to guide international students through the procedures involved in studying here.




Last update 14/10/2016