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The Department of History and Archaeology admitted its first students as an independent department in 1983.


[1-9-2018 to 31-8-2020]


Professor of Classical Archaeology



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Department of History & Archaeology,

University of Crete,

Gallos Campus,

Rethymnon, Crete,

GR-74100, Greece





Educational and research activities at all levels are organized around the Department’s four Divisions:  Ancient and Medieval History; Modern and Contemporary History; Oriental and African Studies; Archaeology and History of Art. The Department has a research-led, innovative approach to teaching and undergraduates are offered a wide choice of electives within each of the Department’s three degree programmes.  Postgraduate studies reflect the range of disciplines in the department and feature synergetic interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The open teaching/learning environment of the Department is illustrated in the ‘ESTIA’ tradition – an informal off-campus scholarly retreat held annually for staff and students where, by tradition, students preside at all sessions.


An integral part of education and research training are the visits and expeditions organized by all Divisions – to museums, archaeological and historical sites, as well as to archives,  both in Greece and abroad,  designed to bring students in direct contact with the materials being studied and to promote research.  Excavations and field surveys led by teams of the University’s archaeologists include the sites at Ancient Eleftherna, around the Minoan peak sanctuary at Vrisinas, and on the island of Gavdos. These not only provide unique research opportunities for the Department’s students and scholars, but are also a significant draw for the international academic community.

Research and research training benefits from close collaborations with the Institute of Mediterranean Studies (FORTH). The Institute’s library (specialized in Ottoman and Arabic studies, as well as in Spanish and Italian art) and its archaeological remote sensing and documentary production laboratory also complement the Department’s excellent scholarly and physical infrastructure.





Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor (B.A), 4 year (8 semesters) study programme.


Specialization Pathways

  • Ancient & Medieval History
  • Modern & Contemporary History
  • Archaeology


Masters (M.A) and  Doctoral (Ph.D)


The Department offers Postgraduate Study Programmes in :


Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Programmes in:


  • Ancient  and Medieval History
  • Modern and  Contemporary History
  • Oriental and African Studies
  • Archaeology and History of Art 
    Associated Laboratory: Educational Collections of Casts and Originals



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