Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1985 with a competitive research graduate program.  Undergraduate admissions followed two years later in the autumn of 1987.


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Professor of Computational Chemistry


Vice Chair: 


Professor of Inorganic Chemistry



Tel: +30 2810 545131

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Department of Chemistry,

University of Crete,

Voutes Campus,

Heraklion, Crete.

GR-71003, Greece





Research-led teaching shapes coursework and laboratory training at all levels.    The undergraduate programme offers a solid grounding in theoretical and experimental chemistry, opportunities for industrial placements, and a  range of electives enabling specialization in the final year.


Educational and research activities at all levels are organized around the Department’s Divisions of organic, inorganic, physical, environmental and analytical chemistry, and biochemistry.  All Divisions have access to modern well-equipped laboratories. The research groups within each Division also access a number of research oriented laboratories ranging in size, complexity and form –from labs with an institutional base through to labs developed for a particular specialization or even for a particular project. Several groups interface successfully with the FORTH Research Institutes - notably the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser (IESL). Together, these groups offer research training and pursue research interests across the spectrum of chemistry’s disciplines and in developing inter-disciplinary fields.


The Department’s new building (completed 2006) provides modern and well-equipped educational facilities at the University’s Voutes Campus.




Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor degree (B.Sc), 4 years of studies.  Choice of electives allowing specializations corresponding with the Divisions of the Department.


Masters (M.Sc) and Doctoral (Ph.D)


The Department offers a Postgraduate Studies Programme in Chemistry.

In addition, the Department of Chemistry  coordinates the following inter-departmental &/or inter-institutional programmes:

-  Science and Environmental Engineering

-  Isolation and Synthesis on Natural Products with Biological Activity

-  Technologies for Environmental Protection

The Department of Chemistry is also a partner in the joint programme

Protein Biotechnology


- Biochemistry


- Environmental and Analytical Chemistry


    - Environmental Chemical Processes    

    - Analytical Chemistry

    - Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere

    - Speciation Analysis of Elements

    - Numerical Simulations of Environmental Chemistry and Climate

    - NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory


- Inorganic Chemistry


     - Laboratory of BioInorganic Chemistry


Organic Chemistry


- Physical Chemistry


    -Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

    - Photochemistry and Kinetics

    - Chemical Dynamics



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