Department of Economics




[1-9-2018 to 31-8-2020]

Pantelis Kalaitzidakis

Professor of Economic Theory & Policy




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Department of Economics

University of Crete,

Gallos Campus,

Rethymnon, Crete,

GR-74100, Greece




The Department of Economics began operating in 1987 with the aims of offering education and research in keeping with modern trends in economic science, which are also relevant to the labour market and to the needs of Greek society. 


The Department’s undergraduate study programme provides a solid grounding in economic theory and quantitative methods and offers a range of course choices in thematic fields related to economic theory and policy, business economics, political economy and economic development. 


The Department has a diverse research profile, with interests ranging from labour economics, globalization, European integration, Marxian political economy, and monetary theories through to theoretical and applied econometrics, and the Greek Diaspora.  Educational and research training activities are also supported by two research units working in fields relevant (a) to business economics and new technology issues, and (b) to environmental economics and sustainable development.





Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor (B.A), 4 year (8 semesters) study programme. 


Masters (M.A) duration 12 months;  and  Doctoral (Ph.D)


Postgraduate study programme in  Economic Theory and Policy

Associated Research Units 




HQAA External Evaluation Report of the Department of Economics: 

January 2014 pdf


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