Department of Primary Education


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Eleni Vassilaki,

Associate Professor



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Department of Primary Education,

University of Crete,

Gallos Campus,

Rethymnon, Crete,

GR-74100, Greece





The Department of Primary Education accepted its first undergraduate students in 1984 and began offering its postgraduate studies program in 1993.  


The Department’s educational and research activities aim to develop the pedagogical sciences in combination with a focused vocational orientation in teacher training.  The essentially inter-disciplinary demands of primary education are met through the Department’s five Divisions, which cover a wide range of subjects from teacher education in the Humanities and Social Sciences and in the Physical Sciences through to historical and social developments in education, educational psychology, curricula development, and didactic methods and mediums.  In relation to the latter, in 2008 The UNESCO Chair Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was established at the Department, with the aim of promoting an integrated system of teaching, learning, curriculum and research in the field of ICT-enabled ESD.


Central components of professional preparation for undergraduates are the 4 consecutive levels of ‘teaching practicals’ - placements in the region’s primary schools. Interface with the region’s educational community also takes the form of continuing education: since 1998-99 the Department has offered its Primary Teachers In-Service Training  program, named in honor of a prominent Greek educationalist, Maria Amariotou.


Greek language and culture is the educational domain of the Department’s Intercultural and Migration Studies Center, which undertakes research, teacher training and the preparation of educational materials for Greeks of the Diaspora and also for immigrants in Greece. 




Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor (B.Ed), 4 year (8 semesters) study program.

Specializations in the subject areas of one of the five Divisions.


Masters (M.A) 2 year program,  and  Doctoral (Ph.D)


Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) in  Educational Studies

Continuing Education  Primary Teachers In-Service Training


- Theory & Sociology of Education

- Educational Psychology & Research Methodology

- Curriculum, Teaching Methodology  & Educational Technology

- Humanities & Social Sciences

- Physical  Sciences
Associated Units Studies at all levels are supported by following laboratory/workshop units

Laboratory for Science Teaching  including special units (a) Chemistry & Physics & (b) Informatics

Language & Literature in Education

- Research on the History of Education & the Teaching Profession

In addition,  the Department is home to the Intercultural and Migration Studies Center  


HQAA External Evaluation of the Department of Primary Education: December 2013 pdf


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