Department of Preschool Education



[1-11-2017 to 31-8-2019]

George Manolitsis, 

Professor of Educational Psychology & Early Childhood




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Department of PreSchool Education

University of Crete,

Gallos Campus,

Rethymnon, Crete,

GR-74100, Greece




The Department of Preschool Education admitted its first class of undergraduate students in 1987 and offered its first postgraduate studies program in 1993.

The Department’s objectives are to promote educational research and pedagogic applications, and to prepare students with the vocational qualifications for preschool education.


Core course modules of the undergraduate program provide a solid grounding in early childhood education, enriched with a wide choice of electives including, for example, psychopaedagogy of early childhood,   language disorders, music and rhythmic education, and the use of information technologies.  Teaching practicals at 3 levels are an integral part of the program, with placements in experimental or other nursery schools in the region.  Research and research training at all levels is conducted through the Department’s four Laboratory Groups, which specialize in pedagogical-educational research and applications; research in psychology; drama and artistic/aesthetics education; music and psycho-kinetics education. 


Continuing education is offered through the Department’s

 In-Service Preschool Teacher Education program, which was initiated in 1998.  The program specializes in (a) general education preschool curricula and praxis (b) education for special needs young children, with emphasis on early intervention programs.




Undergraduate Guide

Bachelor (B.Ed), 4 year (8 semesters) study program.


Masters (M.A) 2 years program, and  Doctoral (Ph.D)


Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) in Educational Studies .  Specializations:

- Early Childhood Education

- Applied Psychology in Preschool Education

Continuing Education  Preschool Teachers In-Service Education

Laboratory Units

Pedagogical Research & Applications 

Research in Psychology 

Drama & Visual Arts 

Music & Psychomotor Education




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