The University of Crete evaluated for the QS World University Rankings-2014-2015

QS World University Rankings

The University of Crete is one of over 850 Universities evaluated for the QS World

University Rankings.Results  for  2014-15,  announced  on  16  September  2014,  rank  the  University overall  in  the  451-460  bracket,  second  among  the  six  Greek  HEIs  participating. This is an improvement compared with  2013-14 (491-500). As Ben Sowter, Head of the QS Intelligence  Division,  notes: ‘Maintaining or improving your standing in an  increasingly  competitive  global  environment  is  a  tremendous  achievement’.This  is  particularly  true  for  Greek  Higher  Education  Institutions  and  Research Organizations  striving  to  maintain  standards  in  an  increasingly  restrictive  and poorly resourced national environment.




Last update 08/09/2016